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Carnaby Corner - A Heavy Rain Dressing Room
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A Heavy Rain Dressing Room
If you're unfamiliar with the term 'dressing room', here’s a quick run-down – they tend to run along the same lines, whatever fandom you happen to play in - a place for characters of that series to interact with each other, and their doubles! Use it for fun, crack, or to test-run muses, finding partners, whatever you want! Canon, AU, crack, genderbending, screwy timelines, Heavy Rain-based OCs... There's no limit.

The setting here is as in the game, Heavy Rain – where you go is up to you – the park? The Police Station? The Mad Doc’s House? The Old Warehouse? The choices are endless.
[x] You don’t need to app to play here, just join and you’re all set to go. With just one minor point - You may only join/post with character journals. No personal journals (though if you want to watch the comm with those, that's fine).

[x] As this is a dressing room, expect all sorts of characters, both OU and AU. There may be multiple people playing your character. If you don't like it, maybe a dressing room isn't for you. Since everyone has their own take on characters and AUs may or may not affect how a character is portrayed, don't start wank over how someone plays.

[x] You can post in any style you want – first person, third person, action, whatever suits you best.

[x] No godmodding without another player’s permission.

[x] HAVE FUN. That’s why we’re here, so please try to avoid drama/wank.
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